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Hainan Zhanchuang Photonics Technology Co., Ltd (HZC) was founded in November 2009, focused on self-innovative 3G mobile phone standard TD-CDMA communication module at the beginning. In 2011, HZC increased the capital and shares according to the domestic and international market demand. In addition, the company transformed into a Sino-foreign joint venture with the approval of the Commerce of Hainan Province, which mainly takes the research and production of various photomultiplier tubes.

The registered capital of HZC is 50 million RMB and the shareholders are all strong industrial investment companies.

The company is located in Hainan Resort Software Community, Laocheng Hi-tech Industry Demonstration Zone, and occupied around 9700㎡ with beautiful environment, fresh air and broad development space.

Photoelectron technology is a comprehensive new and high technology, with wide technical connotation, product variety, wide application fields, which has become one of the most advanced technologies in the 21st century. It is an important strategic industry that could affects the social development. Photomultiplier tube is a typical representative of photoelectron technology. Hence, mastering advanced international level of photomultiplier tube production and development technology is of great significance.

The global key accounts of photomultiplier tube are GE American, PHOTONIS France, SIEMENS Germany, PHILIPS Dutch, Xi'an Institute of Optics of Chinese Academy of Sciences and the IHEP of Chinese Academy of Sciences, etc. We will try to develop HZC into a world first-class photoelectron device manufacturing enterprise.

To prosperous our motherland by applied sciences and educations' advances, to develop and devote our country by industries.

Mr. Li Ming(Shareholder of HZC) Mr. Goossen Boers(CEO of PHOTONIS) in Signing Ceremony,2011

Signing Ceremony for HZC's Settle in Hainan Resort Software Community

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